Reduced Business Communications Cost

Lower Rates International Call
PLEXTEL solutions allow you to make an international call via internet which result in much lower cost

Free Inter-Branch Call

Free call with same extensions when you are abroad
We seamlessly connect your branch offices with advantage of VoIP to let you save on phone bills.

Free call with same extensions when you are abroad
VoIP Call allows users to make calls through their office phones system on any location where internet is accessible.

Easy Migration Path for existing PABX System to All-in-One solution
We offer All-in-One solution to allow integrated and complete telephony services for existing PABX, VoIP, and PSTN providers. Legacy system can be selected to utilizing the existing infrastructure while expanding into Internet VoIP solution.
This VoIP-PSTN functionality offers an elegant migration path solution for your existing PABX system.

Simply and Flexibility

Easy Expandability (support up to 1000 extensions per box)
Adding more extension is as easy as adding an server and performing short configuration setup via a web browser.

Auto Provisioning
Setting up phone extensions is simple, just type in the Phone-ID (MAC Address) in the configuration screen. No other setting on the phone is required, so you can add/move/change the phone number with ease.

Easy to move extensions
No more burying telephone line. Just plug and unplug LAN cable to move extensions in a few minutes.

Easy to set up, configure and manage (web based)
With a user-friendly interface on web base, whether you do it yourself or rely on a professional technician. Installation and configuration is made to save your time and money.

Cut maintenance Cost
Manage both telephone and network systems need only one IT team, no more telephone technician.

Smaller footprint than legacy PABX system
Take your room back! No more room for a Giant Machine just a bit space for new generation IP-PBX

Future Proof Technology
We have introduced a new era of Intelligent Communications–simplifying and expanding communications. So your business can gain strategic value and competitive advantage. Communication Manager offers advanced functionality to help you connect people, processes and applications throughout the extended enterprise and around the globe.

Increase The Productivity

Click-to-Dial Phonebook
Individual user can login to the PLEXTEL web-based system, phonebook can be exported from microsoft outlook. Dialing will be simple as click on the required contact.

Check voice mail from anywhere
Centralized voice mail server allow you to access via phone or web from anywhere to get your messages

Support Video Call
On the advantages of VoIP you can make a video call, no need to upgrading the system

Work at home
Enable mobile workforce and remote staff to connect to the PBX seamlessly as if they are in the office.

Monitor Sales and Support Performance by your customer
With our customer feedback system, you can monitor the performance of your employee easier than ever.

Full-Featured Conference Room
Voice Conference is simple, with Plextel, now you can make a conference call anywhere whether you are in the office or on the road, together with our Conference Room management panel, controlling is simple and effective.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
With the CRM/CTI modules, now information of your clients can be view and edit while you are talking to them, so you can manage your clients’ information and make note the each call you receive.

Queue / Agents support
With the Queue support on the incoming call, now you can serve more clients calling to your company.

High Features for Organization

Call Center Features
Support, Whisper, Channel Spy, Queue, Agent which can only be found on the call center solution.

One system, hosting multiple branches
Conduct entire branches with one powerful system.

Full-featured IP-PBX system
Plextel include multiple call featured, such as, roaming extension login, call parking, call recording, Follow-me, Conference, Voicemail system, etc.

Only one system for support Voice/Video/Data
One Intuitive Interface, Multiple Collaborative Media. Single network infrastructure for voice video and data communication, thus resulting in cost savings in installation, configuration, and management

Voice Logger
Voice conversation can be record manually or automatically by users, files can be automatically backup to external SMB server.

More secure call than traditional phone call
Encoding all analog signal to data packets

Log of Incoming-Outgoing call (Call log)
Logging all connections

Billing System
Support basic Billing System.