All Plextel IP-PBX Series

Are advanced and full-featured PBX system, which shared the same great flexible features never been found in legacy PBX system.

With Full-Featured VoIP Technology

- Key Benefits of VoIP are reduced call costs and the flexibility of the phone location. Internal voice calls can be carried over your private local or wide-area IP network (LAN or WAN) or shared internet network. National and international call charges can be reduced dramatically using compression technology, which compared to traditional voice calls, allows greater number of VoIP calls to be carried over the same facilities.

- These will help you to lower the cost of ownership and greatly reduce your expense on the traditional PSTN (telephone) network.

Easy Access, Control and Monitor

Plextel provides an intuitive web-based interface for the administrator to configure and manage all the PBX functionality. The customer may also access their voice messages or change their user options using web-browser.