What is IP-PBX?

What are the IP Telephony, IP PBX, and VoIP?

- Plextel IP Telephony solution is a combination of complete feature-rich, highly-scalable IP telephony system (IP-PBX) and VoIP telephonydevices that provides telephone calls over IP data networks.
- All conversations (voice) are sent as data packets over the IP network both Intranet&Internet system, so it’s called Voice over IP System (VoIP)
- Our technology combines advanced communication features software and significant dose of worry-free scalability and robustness hardware that all enterprises seek.
- Plextel IP PBX solution provides you with a business-class PBX system with advanced features such as multipath-call-route, internet calling, auto-attendant (IVR), voicemail with e-mail message notification, CTI/CRM integration, call recording, voice logger, call conferencing,ADSL network support, and CallCenter features that are only available to high-end PABX but at a lower cost.